Our materials

Maximum protection

Use of the latest technology

Our priority is the use of natural and high range materials. Therefore, we use cellulose 100% without bleaching or chlorine. We reject the use of chemicals that could damage your health. Mapelsa is involved with the responsible use of technology and natural resources.

ECF Signature (Elemental Chlorine Free)

The cellulose we use in our products has the ECF signature, Elemental Chlorine Free. This means no elemental chlorine gas is used in the bleaching process. Like this, the dioxin and similar compounds, carcinogenic substances, are prevented.

Chlorine free


The wood pulp that is used to make paper products (such as handkerchief, pads and tampons) has a dark colour and it is subjected to a bleaching industrial process. Due to the bleaching process gives off dioxins –toxics and bioaccumulatives– we use raw materials bleached by oxygenation. This means chlorine is not used. Then we have the conviction that our products are healthier and environmentally friendly.

100% Cellulose


We use cellulose coming from forests with PEFC certificate (Promoting Sustainable Forest Management, a guarantee of a sustainable management from the forestry development). It is bleached by oxygenation, what means without using chlorine. This way, we get a healthier and environment respectful product.

Airlaid cellulose


We use Airlaid cellulose that gives our costumers a great absorption, resistance and softness.