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The best quality for a better protection.

Check our wide range of products and choose the most suitable to your necessities.

Ailís lady anatomical

Relax in front of the discomfort. Ailís Lady balance out the odour. It has super absorbent pearls for a higher protection and it is anatomical. It has been designed specially to reduce leakage effects.

Ailís extra slim

The minimum thickness with the maximum protection. Very comfortable and safe, soft and fine to make you feel protect and light at the same time. ¡Love yourself!

Ailís overnight

If you feel protected during the night you will improve your sleep quality. That’s why Ailís overnight is larger and more absorbent than a classical pad and avoids any leakage.

Ailís classical

The ideal for the regular flow days. The 100% cellulose absorption and its classical design will make you feel comfortable and safe. ¡Live without worries!

Ailís ultra with wings

The super absorbent pearls and the Airlaid guarantee the maximum protection. Their thinness, your comfort. Now it has wings, to be you who moves, not your pad.

Ailís ultra thin

The minimum thickness with the maximum protection given by the super absorbent pearls and the Airlaid. It totally fits your body to make you feel comfortable, safe and clean.

Ailís ultra overnight with wings

The ultra overnight is larger and more absorbent and it is made of Airlaid. It gives a higher protection and comfort to help you rest without worries.

Ailís pantyliner

Slim, anatomical and absorbent, it totally fits your panties assuring you a daily cleanliness feeling.