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MAPELSA is a company dedicated to the investigation and fabrication of feminine hygienic products.

On the national level the company has been able to keep its status as the most recognizable brands in it sector for 30 years. It also has vast international experience, exporting a growing quote of the production to new markets, especially to Europe, but also Asia, Africa and Central and South America.

Nowadays we operate eight lines of products –classical pads, night pads, ultra pads with wings, night pads with wings, ultrathin pads without wings, panty pads, postpartum and incontinence pads- made to cover the necessities of life’s moments.

In 1982 the first production line was set up under the premise of constant improvement of the product, based on investigation and testing of new raw materials to reach the variety of customer’s demands.

Highest protection

Use of the latest technologies

The use of natural and high-end materials is our priority.  The use of cellulose which are 100% free of whiteners and chlorines removes the use of chemicals that could harm your health. Mapelsa is committed to the responsible use of technology and natural resources.


ECF stamp (Elemental Chlorine Free)


100% Cellulose


Without Chlorine



Thanks to our careful investigation, the use of the latest technologies and an unbeatable understanding of women’s needs, we find ourselves in the best situation to offer you the best products, ensuring the highest protection.

Mapelsa has three own brands

Ailís, Lisa and Protect

Since the beginning it has also put itself at the disposal of other white-label brands.